Welcome to my webpage!

“Click”,  just a simple sound,  for someone it reminds the computer world,  for someone else a switch,  for me as for many other enthusiasts it is the magic sound of the photocamera.  It is what you want to listen to as soon as you have a new camera in your hands and above all what confirms that the image you have seen in your viewfinder (or just in your imagination when you already have in mind how to develop it)  is finally saved in our memory cards as millions bits (or on chemical film for traditional photographers).

For someone this sound is linked to the work,  for me it is linked to the pleasure of my favorite hobby,  with which I satisfy my hunger,  not the physical but the creative one.

If you have had so much patience to read my introduction,  maybe you will also have some more to look at the pictures I have uploded here,  so… WELCOME!  And thank you for your visit,  I hope you will appreciate some of them!